Is Scented Bedding Safe for Hamsters

Is Scented Bedding Safe for Hamsters?

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If you are the owner of a hamster or want to have a hamster, then you have to know that which bedding gives them a comfortable life. Bedding plays an important role in a hamster’s life. As they have to spend most of their time in cages and if there is no comfortable bedding then they cannot live peacefully. However, not only comfortable bedding but you have to be careful about the other factors of bedding. For example, the scent of bedding. Is scented bedding safe for hamsters? 

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As hamsters, bedding can have an artificial scent or its original material scent. On the other hand, hamsters have a very sensitive nose towards the little amount of scent. Not only this, several bedding materials’ scent is not safe for hamsters. So let’s have a look that what kind of bedding we have to choose for hamsters.

Is Scented Bedding Safe for Hamsters?

In short no, scented beddings are not safe for hamsters. However, there are two reasons which make you not choose the scented bedding for your furry friends.

  • Firstly, hamsters have sensitive noses towards scents. And thus their nose can smell fainted amount of scents very well. Not only their nose but their respiratory system is also sensitive towards scents. And thus they can develop several respiratory problems if they smell scents all the time.
  • Secondly, there are several bedding materials whose scent is not safe for hamsters. For example, the bedding of pine and wood shavings. The bedding of these materials has phenols also known as aromatic hydrocarbons. These phenols are toxic to hamsters and can damage their lungs.

However, not only lungs but the scent of these beddings can cause problems in their windpipe as well.

As I earlier said that bedding is compulsory for hamsters, so if you want to get bedding for them then make sure that it is odorless. And if you think that the scents that you like would be fine for your pets then you are on the wrong side.

Because no matter how good scented material you have hamsters nose is sensitive towards every kind of smell.

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What Are the Best and Safe Hamsters Beddings?

Bedding without scents is good for hamsters. Not only this, but they need comfortable bedding too. And comfortable bedding is that which is 12-20 cm deep. As hamsters love to dig to make a comfortable and warm sleeping place for them. Moreover, the following beddings are the best and safe for hamsters.

Wood Shaving-Aspen:

If you want bedding without any scent, then you can go for this. Not only this, aspen bedding is less expensive as compared to the other options in the market. And also act as a good absorbent, thus helping your furry friend to absorb the moisture of their urine and feces.

Care fresh Ultra And colors:

This bedding contains all the above-mentioned properties. But it is a little bit pricier than the aspen wood shaving. However, the absorbency level and the quality of this bedding speak for themselves so you don’t have to mind its price.

Kaytee Clean and Cozy:

The Kaytee brand is famous for its quality hamster products. And thus you can get their bedding as well which would be scent-free with good absorbency.

Fitch Paper Bedding:

Comfortable bedding made from shredded food papers can be your and hamsters’ good friend. As not only this is safe to use but also less expensive compared to all other beddings. Moreover, this bedding is a good moisture absorbent as well.

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A Final Thought:

Bedding is compulsory for hamsters’ comfortable living. But we have to be careful while providing them beddings. As the scented beddings are not good for hamsters. Because it can cause respiratory issues in hamsters. However, you can get scented-free and safe bedding like the wood shaving-aspen, Kaytee clean and cozy, etc., from the market.

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