Is Plywood Safe for Hamsters

Is Plywood Safe for Hamsters?

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Hamsters are rodents and have a close relationship with wood. As they have continuously increasing molars which are not safe for them. And at the same time, we need wood to make their cages. Not only this but several people like to make chewing toys for hamsters with wood. But the issue is that not all kinds of wood are safe for them. As several kinds of woods contain toxic elements for hamsters. But what about the light-weighted wood type known as plywood? Is plywood safe for hamsters? Let’s have a look at this topic.

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Is Plywood Safe for Hamsters?

Before getting into the real argument let’s have a look at the construction of plywood. Is it wood?

Actually, plywood is made by combining the “piles” of wood veneer. And all these piles of wood veneers are glued together to make plywood. However, for us, plywood has numerous advantages but this is not the case for hamsters.

Because hamsters are fragile animals with metabolism which cannot handle the toxic elements that glue can contain. And if they come in contact with this glue then it can cause serious health issues in hamsters. Moreover, this could be fatal for them in long run.

But how do hamsters come in contact with plywood? As hamsters used to chew wood to wear their teeth down. So if there is plywood available to them then they would like to chew it. And it is obvious that during chewing they are swallowing some wood.

And if a wood contains toxic and harmful elements then it can cause serious health issues in hamsters. So if you want to know that is plywood safe for hamsters then no, it is not safe for them.

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What Wood Is Safe for Hamsters?

Hamsters have to gnaw on wood to keep their teeth in normal size and shape. As not all kinds of woods are safe for hamsters to chew so let’s have a look at the wood kinds that are safe for hamsters.

Chew Sticks:

As wood chewing is necessary for hamsters that’s why numerous pet markets offer chew sticks for the consumption of hamsters. But make sure that the chew sticks don’t contain any additive chemicals because such chemicals are not safe for hamsters.

Moreover, the chew sticks that are made of balsa wood and apple or pear wood are safe for hamsters to consume. But the chew sticks of pine and cedar wood are not safe to consume for hamsters.

Natural Woods:

However, if you want to give a more natural and fresh wood chewing experience to your hamster then you can give them the fresh twigs of fruit trees or any other tree around you. Make sure that the trees don’t contain any kind of pesticides. Because these pesticides are not safe for hamsters.

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A Final Thought:

Wood plays an important role in every rodent’s life so hamsters as well. As they are rodents and need wood to wear their teeth down. So as their owners you have to provide the wood to keep their teeth in normal size.

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But not all kinds of woods are safe for them to chew as plywood. The plywood itself is not harmful but the glue which is used during the construction of plywood. So avoid offering plywood to hamsters for chewing and also don’t make their cages with this wood.

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