Is Neosporin Safe for Hamsters

Is Neosporin Safe for Hamsters?

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Hamsters are solitary animals and like to live alone. They don’t like hamsters to share their space and food. So if you keep two or more hamsters in the same cage then they will keep fighting with each other for space. And sometimes their fighting could be severe and they can physically hurt the other hamsters. To avoid any sort of infections you have to apply ointments on their wounds. But what ointment is better for hamsters? What about Neosporin. Is Neosporin is safe for hamsters? Let’s explore it.

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Is Neosporin Safe for Hamsters?

Neosporin is a gel ointment that contains neomycin, polymyxin B, and bacitracin. This antibiotic ointment is used to stop infections after skin injuries. When hamsters hurt their selves during the fighting for place and food then you can apply this ointment to hamsters.

However, make sure that you are not providing them with this ointment to eat. And make sure that hamsters are not eating this ointment when you apply this on their wounds. Because this is not healthy for hamsters to eat. And can be harmful if hamsters eat it in a large amount.

So we can say that Neosporin is safe for hamsters to apply on their wounds but not to eat. That’s why to keep an eye on your hamster when you apply this ointment to its wounds.

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How Do You Treat an Open Wound On a Hamster?

During the fighting, climbing, etc., hamsters can get scratches on their body. Sometimes the wound is not severe but sometimes it could be. So let’s have a look that how you can treat an open wound on a hamster.

However, if the wound is not open or not deep then only apply Neosporin ointment and cover it with a bandage. And in this case, Neosporin ointment is enough to stop the bacterial infection.

But if the wound is open then at first wash the wound with anti-bacterial soap. After that dry the wound and apply an antibacterial ointment. And then cover the wound with a bandage which is necessary so that hamsters don’t try to lick the ointment.

However, in the case where the wound on a hamster continuously bleeds make sure to visit the veterinarian.

Do Hamsters Heal Themselves?

Hamsters are small in size and also fragile animals. They have sensitive metabolism and can live for an average of 3-years. But can they recover themselves? Is their immune system strong enough to help them in their recovery from any injury? Let’s have a look at this fact.

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No doubt hamsters are small animals but at the same time, they are hardy animals. And their immune system is strong enough to help them to recover from minor injuries by themselves. But if they get into some severe injury then make sure to visit the vet as soon as you can.

A Final Thought:

Hamsters can easily get into a fight if they are living with other hamsters. And during this fight, they can hurt their selves and the other hamsters as well. If you ever face this situation, then make sure that you are applying the antibacterial ointment on the wound.

However, there are numerous antibacterial ointments are available in the market but you can also use Neosporin. This ointment is safe and effective to use for hamsters.

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