Why Is My Hamsters Heart Beating So Fast

Why Is My Hamsters Heart Beating So Fast?

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Hamsters are tiny in size with active and energetic bodies. They can run fast and long distances with their tiny legs. And can chew whatever they get in their way with their small mouth and sharp teeth. As they used to do so many things with their feeble and tiny body that’s why they need fast metabolism. And this will cost their other organs to work fast. So if you are first time seen a hamster’s heart beating so fast and want to know why is hamsters heart beating so fast? Then you are at the right place.

No doubt hamsters are tiny animals with a small life span. But they have to do a lot of activities regularly. For example, they have to chew things to keep their teeth in normal size. They have to get food to fulfill their empty stomach. Moreover, they have to reproduce within a short period of life, etc.

To do all this they need fast metabolism that can produce energy quickly to help them to do their regular tasks. For this sake, all the organs have to work fast including the heart.

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Table of Contents

Why Is My Hamsters Heart Beating So Fast?

Several reasons show why hamsters’ hearts beat so fast. And one of them is their tiny lungs which need a quick blood supply around them. Because they have to breathe fast and to fulfill their breathing need their heart beat fast.

Let me discuss another reason is that they have a short life span with tiny bodies. So their energy loses quickly and they have to reproduce it quickly as well. That’s why their heart beat fast to supply blood all across the body parts to work efficiently and fast.

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How Fast Does a Hamsters Heart Rate?

On normal days, hamsters’ hearts beat fast, and they breathe fast as well. And they have a plus rate under 250-500 bpm while they have a respiration rate of 34-114 bpm. However, these are the rates under normal temperature that is 38.9 degrees centigrade and for the adult hamster with 85-110g body weight.

Is Heart Beating So Fast Dangerous for Hamsters?

As we already know that hamsters’ hearts beat fast under normal circumstances. But if you notice an irregular fast heart beating of your hamster then you have to contact your vet.

Because hamsters’ hearts start beating fast under several other conditions. For example, if they are caught cold then their heart starts beating fast.

If they are under stress or have some heart disease, then their heart starts beating fast irregularly.

So, beating fast heart irregularly is not safe for hamsters, and like their owners, you have to contact your experienced vet as soon as you can.

What Is Hamsters’ Heart Beating Rate During Hibernation?

Hibernation during the colder temperature helps hamsters to save their energy and thus their life. As to fulfill their energy needs their heart beats fast.

But during cold days their heart rates go up because they need to produce more energy to keep their selves warm, which is not safe for them. So they go for hibernation during cold days to save their energy.

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And for this, their heart rate decreases to its lowest rate. And thus also their respiration rate decreases.

A Final Thought:

Hamsters are tiny creatures that’s why their energy consumes quickly. And to provide a constant amount of energy their organs have to work quickly. That’s why their heart beat fast to supply the blood quickly across the body.

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