Hamsters Eating Banana Chips

Can Hamsters Have Banana Chips?

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Hamsters are small in size with sensitive metabolism. As they can get diarrhea from the vegetables like cucumbers and lettuce. So as their owners we have to avoid giving them such foods. However, not all vegetables and fruits give diarrhea to hamsters. As hamsters are omnivores like many other rodents and can eat plant and animal based foods. Not only this, they can eat several human-based foods as well. But can hamsters have banana chips?

If banana chips are your favorite snack and you want to share them with your furry friends, then you must know about this question. So let’s start exploring this question.

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Can Hamsters Have Banana Chips?

However, the answer to this question depends upon the type of banana chips. Before discussing this let’s have a look at the fact that is banana safe for hamsters? Yes, banana is safe for hamsters to eat. Not only this, eating a banana is healthy for hamsters as it is a source of several essential minerals and vitamins.

Banana chips are dried or deep-fried forms of banana slices with several spices on them. However, banana chips are the favorite of numerous people but can hamsters eat them? As I earlier said that hamsters are omnivores and can eat both plant and animal-based food.

Not only this, due to their chewing habits of everything they can get, eating banana chips is not a big deal for them. But the real concern is their health. Are banana chips healthy for hamsters to have?

This depends on the formation of banana chips. If it is a dried form of banana slices, then it is fine for hamsters to have them. However, as we know that banana chips are high in sugar so make sure that you are not offering these chips in large quantities. As moderation is the key to healthy life.

But if you have banana chips which are the deep-fried form of banana slices then you have to avoid giving them to hamsters. As the oil in these chips causes obesity and many other health issues in hamsters.

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Can Hamsters Eat Banana Peels?

As I earlier discussed that hamsters can eat and try their best to eat whatever they get in their way. So if you are curious to know that, can they eat banana peels then, yes they can. Because eating banana peels is not an issue for hamsters.

But they don’t like banana peels to eat as they like bananas to have. However, the reason is the amount of sugar in their peels, which also makes the peels less tasty for hamsters.

How Many Bananas Can A Hamster Have?

However, bananas and banana chips are a good source of sugar and essential nutrients for hamsters that’s why we have to offer these to hamsters. But as too much sugar is not healthy for hamsters that’s why we cannot offer them too many bananas or bananas chips.

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Make sure that you are giving only 1 teaspoon of bananas to hamsters at one time. And if you are the parent of a dwarf hamster then offer only 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon of bananas to your hamster.

A Final Thought:

Fruits are healthy for all of us and we have to eat them as much as we can. However, we can make chips of some fruits like banana chips as a snack. But can we offer these chips to our pocket pet, hamsters? Yes, hamsters can have banana chips if they are not deep-fried. As you can offer them dried banana chips in moderation.

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