Why Do Hamsters Die So Easily

Why Do Hamsters Die So Easily?

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Why do hamsters die so easily? Hamsters are fragile and can die easily due to several reasons. For example, bad feeding, old age, narrow living space, etc.

Hamsters are adorable, cute small animals and because of their looks and size, numerous people want to have them as their pets. As every pet animal is lovely to us and we want to spend our most of time with it. At the same time, the death of a pet hamster is the saddest moment ever. Above all, when you know that your pet animal doesn’t have much average life span. Because a hamster has only a life span of a maximum of 3-years. But why do hamsters die so easily? And can we enhance their average life period?

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As a hamster owner, you have to know the maximum about their living and feeding style. So we can give them a comfortable and healthy life. That’s why let’s have a look on that why hamsters die so early?

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Why Do Hamsters Die So Easily?

However, several reasons can lead the hamsters’ death at an early age. For example,

Old Age:

It is sad to say that hamsters have a short average life span, so they get old only after 12 months. Not only this, but after 18 months they need special care and food as this age is considered as the hamster’s old age.

Fatal Disease:

This is an important point to discuss because sometimes we are unable to get an idea that our little friend is internally ill. And a disease without proper medication can cause disaster in hamsters’ life as it can be fatal for them.

However, diseases like Wet Tail, heart problems, cancer, etc., are fatal to hamsters if not treated on time. Not only this, hamsters can die due to several deadly infections like LMCV and HaPV. And diseases like diabetes and kidney failure are also fatal to hamsters if not diagnosed on time.

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Falling From Height Can Be Fatal:

Hamsters belong to the family of rodents so like other rodents they try their best to jump and climb every possible height. But an unconscious fall could be fatal for hamsters.

As if they fall on its head then they can break their neck and neck joints. And this could be fatal for them. Not only this, but they can die on the spot.

Small And Poor Living Space:

Hamsters are active animals and they need plenty of space to walk and do their other activities. They are more active during the night as compared to the daytime. But if you providing them a small living space then it can cause several diseases in hamsters like obesity and heart problems.

Not only this, if you are not providing them quality bedding then it also causes respiratory issues in hamsters. And in severe cases, these respiratory issues could be fatal. Not only comfortable bedding but also safe bedding necessary for hamsters. Because the bedding of trees like pine contains toxic substances for hamsters.

Fighting With Cage Mates:

Hamsters are solitary animals and like to live alone in their place. And that’s why if you put two or more hamsters’ in the cage then they would start fighting with each other for the place. So the dominant one could beat the other hamsters to death. Not only this, but in such situations, hamsters can die due to stress.

Bad Food:

Food is a necessary part of hamsters’ life and also food decides how long your hamster will live. As a healthy diet leads a healthy life. But if your hamsters’ diet is not appropriate then the chances of long life become short.

As hamsters are fragile animals so they need fresh vegetables, roots, fruits, insects, etc. And in order to fulfill their nutritional value, you have to feed them healthy food.

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Fast Metabolism:

According to me, this is also important to discuss here that hamsters have fast metabolism to fulfill their needs. As they have to breathe fast so their heart beats quickly to supply the blood across their lungs. And this phenomenon also adds shorten life span in hamsters.

As they have a small average life span that’s why they have to reproduce fast which also affects their health.

Can Hamsters Die From Stress?

Hamsters Die From Stress
Hamsters Die From Stress

Not only for humans but stress is harmful to hamsters as well. However, stress is not a disease but a cause of numerous other diseases. For example, heart diseases weakened immune system, etc. And such diseases directly shorten their life span. Moreover, you can say that the sudden death in hamsters causes by stress.

Let’s have a look at the fact that what factors cause stress in hamsters?

  • The first one and the most important is the healthy feeding of hamsters. If they are not getting food that fulfilling their nutritional need then this causes stress in hamsters.
  • Comfortable bedding in their cage is also important and if there is a narrow living space for hamsters then this also causes stress in them.
  • Moreover, if hamsters live with other members and they keep fighting for space then this thing also causes depression in weaker hamsters.

Can Hamsters Die From Loud Noises?

However, loud noises are not fatal to hamsters but they can damage their listening sense and also can cause Tinnitus in hamsters. Moreover, hamsters are sensitive to loud noises and can be deaf after listening to 10minutes of sounds between 124 Db to 127 Db.

Not only this, loud sounds can cause stress in hamsters and make them afraid. As stress cause several fatal diseases in hamsters like wet tail. This disease causes watery diarrhea in hamsters. Diarrhea is a fatal disease in severe cases. As watery diarrhea cause dehydration in hamsters.

However, hamsters are sensitive only towards loud sounds and such sounds can cause deafness in hamsters. But classic and slow music is the favorite of hamsters and they would like to enjoy it with you.

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However, as we know that we cannot make our pet immortal and this is the saddest thing ever for every pet owner. But we can let them live a happy and healthy life and this is only possible when we feed them healthy food with comfortable bedding to live.

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Moreover, to look after their behavior is necessary to catch any health risks on time. So that you can treat them as soon as you can, preventing them to die soon.

Let’s Sum It Up:

Several people around the world like to have hamsters as their pets due to their adorable nature. But it is quite sad that they have a short life period and also can die so easily due to many reasons. For example, they can die due to old age as they become officially old after months.

And if you are unable to feed them healthy then they can die due to malnutrition. Moreover, fighting with cage mates, toxic and uncomfortable bedding, etc., also lead the early death in hamsters.

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