Hamsters Climb Plastic Bins

Can Hamsters Climb Plastic Bins?

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Several people around us like to have hamsters as their pets. As hamsters are cute so they can make a lovely bonding with their owners. And this is the main reason because of which numerous people prefer to choose them as their pets. But like every other pet animal, hamsters demand a lot of care about living and feeding. As they are rodents and good climbers so they can climb their cages and escape from it. So if you have plastic bins as their cage and are curious can hamsters climb plastic bins? Then navigate this article.

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Climbing small walls is not an issue for hamsters as they have pointed nails to help them in climbing the walls of plastic bins. But not all kinds of hamsters can climb such walls because not all hamsters are of the same size.

 Can Hamsters Climb Plastic Bins?

Climbing plastic bins depends upon the hamsters’ size. For example, if there is a Syrian hamster then they can climb plastic bins easily. And climbing the walls of a plastic bin is not a big issue for them until you don’t have any lid on it.

If you have a lid on the plastic bin, then it is tough for them to climb the walls and escape from the bin. However, it doesn’t mean that if you have a lid on then hamsters cannot climb and escape through the bins. As we know that they are rodents and can chew whatever they get in their way.

So chewing plastic bins is not an exception for hamsters. As their sharp teeth will help them to do this. Thus they can escape through the plastic bins without even climbing the bins.

And the same goes for the dwarf hamsters. As they cannot climb the plastic bins but they can chew the walls up to enough size that they can escape through them. To escape, hamsters need only a space through which they can pass their head and the head of a dwarf hamster is tiny in size.

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Can Hamsters Chew Through Plastic Bins?

Yes, hamsters can chew through the plastic bins. As they are rodents and have sharp continuously increasing molars. So to keep them in their normal size they have to chew hard objects like wood and plastic.

So if they get plastic bins to live then they would like to chew them to keep their teeth short. And it doesn’t matter if there are Syrian hamsters or the dwarf hamster, they both can chew the plastic bins to escape through it and to keep their teeth short.

What Kinds Of Cage Would Be Best For Hamsters?

As hamsters are great chewers so plastic and wood cages are not suitable for them. Because they will keep chewing that material to keep wearing their teeth down. That’s why I don’t recommend cages of plastic and wooden material.

However, you can choose the glass cages for hamsters. As they cannot climb the walls of glass and also they cannot chew the glass. So it would be best to keep a glass cage for your hamster. However, make sure that you have a lid on the glass cage as well.

Moreover, the cage of steel is also useable for hamsters. But there is not much design choice in this material.

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Can I Put My Hamster Cage On The Floor?

However, you can place the cage of your hamster on the floor but you don’t have to do this. There are several reasons for that.

Firstly, hamsters are small creatures and are scared easily from things larger in size. So it is better to not put them on the floor.

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Secondly, they have sensitive listening sense and can listen fainted sounds like a large sound. Even they can listen to the vibration of our walking on the floor. And continuous sounds cause stress in hamsters. So try not to put your hamsters’ cage on the floor.

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