Why Do Hamsters Pull Their Poop Out

Why Do Hamsters Pull Their Poop Out?

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Animal’s world is full of wonders and keeps us amazed with their wonderful living style. If you are the parent of a hamster, then you will get an idea that this little furry practices some phenomenon that may seem unacceptable in human lives. As hamsters are rodents so they don’t care about their droppings. But the issue is that they keep pulling their droppings from their butts. And sometimes they become too much impatient that they don’t like to wait for its natural excretion. But why do hamsters pull their poop out?

However, it’s true that hamsters pull out their poop and they don’t care about their droppings. But they pull their poop to eat it.

Why Do Hamsters Pull Their Poop Out?

Hamsters are one of those animals that need their poop to eat. Because their digestive system is designed like that they have to eat their poop to get full nutrients from them. As in the case of hamsters, they need B12 Vitamin, but they cannot get it instead of their poop.

Vitamin B12 is essential for hamsters and this vitamin is made in their small intestine. But this vitamin cannot be absorbed into their body through the intestine. As it can only absorb through their stomach. That’s why they need their poop to get vitamin B12 and several other nutrients.

And if they become deficient in vitamin B12 then they need their poop, so they become impatient and try to pull it out. To get their essential nutrients as soon as possible. However, hamsters don’t do this all the time ad also they don’t eat their poop every time.

Hamsters eat their night poop and leave their daytime poop uneaten. The reason is that their night poop contains additional vitamins and their daytime poop does not contain any additional nutrients. That’s why they only eat and try to pull out their nighttime poop.

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Is It Bad for Hamsters to Pull Their Poop Out?

Shortly saying, no there is nothing worse for hamsters in pulling their poop out. As this is their natural behavior to eat their poop, similarly, pulling it out is also natural for hamsters. However, as I earlier said that they eat their nighttime poop which is more nutritional than their daytime poop.

At the same time, their daytime poop is hard and dry while their nighttime poop is sticky and soft. So to remove it they pull their poop out.

Why Do Hamsters Throw their Poop?

Hamsters throw their poop around their cage and also out of their cage because of several reasons. Firstly, it is also their natural behavior to not care about their poop. As they are rodents and like the other rodents they don’t mind the place where they are pooping. And thus they can poop anywhere whenever they want.

Secondly, hamsters have territorial behavior by birth. And spreading their poop is the indication of their territory.

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Thirdly, hamsters throw their poop out of the cage most of the time for the purpose of cleanliness of their cage. Yes, as they are not careful of their droppings but sometimes they show to have a clean environment. And thus they try to fling their feces to clean the cage.

A Final Thought:

Pulling their poop out may seem icky to everyone, but hamsters used to do this. However, there are two main reasons behind this act. Firstly, the night poop of hamsters is sticky and less hard than the daytime poop. So to help the proper excretion of their sticky poop they pull It out.

Secondly, hamsters eat their nighttime poop to get vitamin B12, which is produced by their small intestine. And they are unable to get this vitamin from any other food. So they pull their poop out to eat it again. And this is a completely fine act for hamsters.

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