Can Hamsters Have Tortilla Chips

Can Hamsters Have Tortilla Chips?

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Salty and crunchy tortilla chips are favorites to everyone around the world. As these chips are tasty snacks for humans so many of us think that can we offer them to our furry friends like hamsters? But can hamsters have tortilla chips? Are these chips healthy for them? And in how much amount do we have to offer them if they are healthy for them? Let’s have a detailed look at all these questions.

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 Can Hamsters Have Tortilla Chips?

Shortly saying no, hamsters cannot have tortilla chips. It is quite sad that our favorite snacks are not healthy for our furry friends. However, there are various reasons for that. Let’s have a look at all such reasons.

Amount Of Salt:

Adding flavor to tortilla chips salt is a necessary ingredient. But this salt is not safe for hamsters. However, the reason is that salt cause dehydration in hamsters and thus messed with their metabolism to regulate water content in the body.

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Amount Of Vegetable Oil:

Vegetable oil in tortilla chips is not healthy for hamsters. Not only this, vegetable oil invites a number of health issues with it. As the high amount of oil and fat in tortilla chips can cause obesity and cardiovascular diseases in hamsters.

Obesity is a disease in itself and can affect the regular activities of hamsters. As obese hamsters are unable to walk and move properly.


As we know that several chemical substances are used to preserve food. Similarly, different preservatives are used to preserve the tortilla chips. But these are not good for hamsters, as they can cause cancer in hamsters if they expose to preservatives for a long time.

So the best thing is that don’t provide tortilla chips to your hamsters. And also hamsters shouldn’t have tortilla chips. As these chips are not safe for them. However, try your best to offer healthy snacks to your furry friends.

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What Foods Hamsters Can Have?

Hamsters are omnivores and can enjoy both plant and animal based foods. However, they belong to the family of rodents so they can chew and try their best to eat whatever they get in their path. But not all foods are healthy for them.

So let’s explore that which foods they can have.

Hamsters can have fresh vegetables, seeds, grains, fruits, pelleted rodent food, roots, insects, small lizards, etc. Moreover, hamsters can have the following humans’ food safely,

  • Sugarless cereals,
  • Greens,
  • Apples,
  • Peas,
  • Raisins,
  • Cucumber,
  • Pepper,

Can Hamsters Have Corn Chips?

Can Hamsters Have Corn Chips
Can Hamsters Have Corn Chips

No, hamsters cannot eat corn chips. Because corn chips are not healthy due to the same reasons as tortilla chips. As corn chips have a high amount of vegetable oil which is not safe for hamsters to eat. Not only this, they have a high content of salt that can cause kidney problems in hamsters.

Moreover, many companies use preservatives like BHA or Propyl Gallate, which are not healthy for hamsters, and can cause cancer in hamsters if they consume such preservatives for a long time.

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A Final Thought:

Tortilla chips are favorite to humans but if you think to offer them to your hamsters then you have to think again. Because, these chips are not safe for hamsters due to the presence of vegetable oil, salt, and food preservatives. So avoid giving them tortilla chips and other such types of chips like corn chips. As they don’t provide any nutritional value to hamsters.

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