Does Wood Dust Cause Cancer for Guinea Pigs

Does Wood Dust Cause Cancer for Guinea Pigs?

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Before getting into the argument let’s have a look that what is wood dust and how it is produced? Actually, wood dust is that fine dust that is produced when you cut the wood. And the dust you commonly see at the furniture-making shops is called wood dust. However, we know that not only wood dust but every kind of dust is not healthy for us. Not only for humans but, for animals as well. So let’s explore about that does wood dust causes cancer for guinea pigs? 

As guinea pigs are cute and fragile creatures so they can’t handle sniffing wood dust. As wood dust not only in guinea pigs but in humans can cause respiratory issues as well. Not only this, but strong and long interaction with wood dust can cause cancer in guinea pigs as well.

Does Wood Dust Cause Cancer for Guinea Pigs?

How guinea pigs can expose to wood dust? What is the relation between wood and guinea pigs? Let’s explore this before exploring our actual concern. Guinea pigs come in contact with wood in their daily life in several ways. For example, we need wood to build their cages.

We need wood scraps for their bedding as they are good moisture absorbers. And help to absorb the moisture from guinea pig’s pee and feces. Not only this, guinea pigs need wood to chew so that they can keep their teeth in normal size and shape.

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So if you are providing them a piece of wood that has more wood dust then during chewing it they keep sniffing the wood dust. As their nose constantly touch the wood during chewing.

And sniffing the wood can cause respiratory issues in guinea pigs. As their lungs are not designed to handle the wood dust. Not only respiratory issues but inhaling wood dust can cause infection in their lungs that can be fatal for them.

And if they stay in touch with wood dust for a long time then they can develop lung cancer which can also be fatal for guinea pigs.

So whenever you offer any wood to guinea pigs then make sure that it is dust-free. There are several companies that produce dust-free wood and you can easily get it in the market.

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 Which Cancers Are Associated with Exposure to Wood Dust?

As we know that guinea pigs can develop cancer if they expose to wood dust for a long time. However, not only guinea pigs but humans can also develop lung cancer when expose to wood dust for a long time.

And the lung cancer which develops due to exposure to wood dust is known as the paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity. 

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A Final Thought: 

Animals like guinea pigs are precious to everyone around the world. So we have to take care of them as much we can as their owners. As wood plays an important part in their lives in several ways but wood dust can make them seriously ill. And they can develop cancer in their lungs when expose to wood dust for a long time. So make sure that you are offering them dust-free wood.

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