What Type of Wood Is Safe for Guinea Pigs

What Type of Wood Is Safe for Guinea Pigs

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Wood is a necessary part of guinea pig’s life in several ways. As we have to build their cages of wood and also tear down their teeth they need wood to chew. But the issue is that not every type of wood is safe for guinea pigs. As several wood types are toxic to guinea pigs. So What type of wood is safe for guinea pigs? As being a guinea pigs owner it is important to know which kind of wood is healthy for guinea pigs and which not. So that you can give them a perfect wooden cage with healthy wood to chew. Let’s have a look at all such types of woods that are healthy for guinea pigs.

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What Type of Wood Is Safe for Guinea Pigs


As fruits are the best diet for guinea pigs and you surely have to add fresh fruits to guinea pigs’ daily diet. However, you can use the branches or lumber of fruit woods for the cage of guinea pigs. Or if you want to offer them these branches to chew on so you also can.

However, not all fruitwoods are safe for guinea pigs. As we know that there are several fruits that contain cyanide traces like the fruits that belong to the prunus family. So we don’t offer the wood of such fruits to guinea pigs. However, the fruits that belong to the prunus family are apricot, peaches, cherry, nectarine, plum trees, etc.

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Aspen Wood:

This type of wood is also good and safe for guinea pigs’ use. And you can give this wood to chew, to make guinea pigs cage, or to make their cage bedding. In all ways, aspen wood is safe for guinea pigs. Not only is aspen wood safe for guinea pigs but it is also good for their respiratory system. Because aspen wood does not contain any kind of phenols.

Bamboo Wood:

This type of wood is also good for guinea pigs to chew and to make their house. As bamboo wood is hard so it helps guinea pigs to keep their teeth in shape and size. Not only this, but bamboo wood contains a lot of fiber which is good for the digestive system of guinea pigs.

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However, before giving bamboo wood to guinea pigs make sure that you are not they are not allergic to bamboo wood. And keep an eye on the quantity of bamboo wood that you served to guinea pigs. Because if they eat too much bamboo wood then it can disturb their delicate digestive system.

Pine Wood:

This is another type of wood that is healthy for guinea pigs. So you can use this for their bedding, cage making, and chewing. But before giving pine wood to guinea pigs make sure that it is dust-free and any artificial scent-free.

Other Type of Woods:

However, there are many other types of woods that are healthy and safe to consume for guinea pigs. For example,

  • Spruce Wood
  • Beech Wood
  • Birch Wood
  • Fir Wood
  • Balsa Wood
  • Oak Wood
  • Whitewood

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A Final Thought:

If you want to make your guinea pigs a wooden house or to offer them wood to gnaw. Then the first question that comes into every guinea pig’s parent is what type of wood is safe for guinea pigs? However, there is various wood type that is safe for guinea pigs. As fruitwood, bamboo wood, pinewood, fir wood, etc., are the type of safe woods for guinea pigs.

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