Is It Okay for Guinea Pigs to Chew on Pine Wood

Is It Okay for Guinea Pigs to Chew on Pine Wood?

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Guinea pigs are members of rodents’ families and thus have continuously growing teeth. As we know that constantly growing teeth are not safe for guinea pigs so they have to keep them in normal size. But how can they do this? However, not only guinea pigs but all other rodents gnaw hard objects to keep their teeth in shape. So if you are also a parent of a guinea pig then you have to provide them objects like chewing toys or wood to gnaw. In this way, guinea pigs can wear their teeth down up to normal size. But the question is that what type of wood do you have to give guinea pigs? Is it okay for guinea pigs to chew on pinewood?

As not all types of woods are safe and healthy for guinea pigs to chew. Because several woods contain toxic elements for guinea pigs. So let’s explore that can guinea pigs consume pine wood to keep their teeth in shape.

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Is It Okay for Guinea Pigs to Chew on Pine Wood?

Shortly saying yes, guinea pigs can safely chew pine wood. But make sure that you are providing them pine wood that has the following properties:


This is an important point to keep in mind that the pine wood that you are providing guinea pigs to chew should be dust-free. The reason is that guinea pigs have a very delicate respiratory systems and small amount of dust in pine wood would be dangerous for guinea pigs. Because, when guinea pigs gnaw pine wood their nose touch the wood and they continuously inhale the dust, if there are dust particles in the pine wood.

However, numerous manufacturers make the pine wood dust-free. So be careful when you bought this from the market.

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This is also the main concern of guinea pig’s owners that the wood they are offering to their guinea pigs should be phenols free. Because the wood that contains artificial scents or phenols is dangerous to guinea pigs.

And during chewing the pine wood as the nose of guinea pigs continuously touches the wood so they constantly sniff the harmful phenols. And these phenols give them respiratory problems. Sniffing phenols for a long time can cause severe respiratory and liver problems in guinea pigs.

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Pine Wood Shavings for Guinea Pigs:

Not only pine wood is good for chewing but the cage shaving of pine wood is also best for guinea pigs. A good cage shaving should be a good absorbent of moisture. That can absorb the moisture of pee and feces of guinea pigs.

In the case of guinea pigs, it is necessary to have such bedding or shaving in their cage that is a good absorbent. Because guinea pigs pee a lot as they can pee after every 15-20 minutes. So a good moisture absorbent is compulsory in their cage.

And pine wood can be a good solution for this. Because of the soft nature of pine wood, its chips become good moisture absorbent.

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A Final Thought:

Guinea pigs always need wood to chew so that they can keep their teeth in shape and size. But which wood would be fine for them to chew. Is it okay for them to chew pine wood? This article looks for this question. As it is totally fine for guinea pigs to chew pine wood until it is dust and scent-free.

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