Guinea pigs Eating Pancakes

Can Guinea pigs Eat Pancakes? – Are Pancakes Healthy for Guinea Pigs?

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Can guinea pigs eat pancakes? Yes, they can. Pancakes are not guinea pigs oriented food. But, we can make guinea pigs-friendly pancakes at home.

Pancakes, you mean favorite breakfast item of everyone. As we can eat pancakes whenever they come in front of us. But what about our pet guinea pigs? Can guinea pigs eat pancakes? As they try their best to taste whatever they get in their way. SO what if they try their best to sneak out your pancakes? Or can you offer them pancakes? Let’s have a look at this topic.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pancakes?

Shortly saying, yes they can eat pancakes. As eating pancakes is not a big deal for them, because they are rodents and try their best to nibble everything they get. However, the reason is that they are habitual to chewing whatever they get in their way.

But this habit of guinea pigs develops with the passage of time when they need to wear their teeth down. As a member of the rodent family, they have continuously growing molars. If their molars increase in size, then this can cause serious damage to their mouth.

SO to avoid this they have to chew hard objects like wood, plastic, cardboard, etc. In search of hard objects to chew they have to check everything in front of them. That’s why they are habitual to taste everything in their paws.

And if there are your pancakes available to guinea pigs then they will surely try to nibble them.

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Are Pancakes Healthy For Guinea pigs?

The ingredients of pancakes would tell that either they are healthy for guinea pigs or not. As pancakes batter consists of eggs, milk, vegetable oil or butter, and sugar. Now let’s explore that are these ingredients healthy for guinea pigs.

Milk And Butter:

In short, not only milk and butter but any other dairy product is not healthy for guinea pigs. And the reason is that guinea pigs are lactose intolerant and they can’t digest dairy products. Not only this but feeding dairy products to guinea pigs can cause diarrhea, which can be dangerous for them. So we have to avoid feeding them any dairy product.


However, not only for guinea pigs but for every rodent, sugar is unhealthy. As this can cause diabetes and obesity in guinea pigs. So we have to avoid them offering such foods that contain sugar.

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Vegetable Oil:

Like sugar, vegetable oil is also unhealthy for guinea pigs. So food with vegetable oil is highly unhealthy for guinea pigs. That’s why make sure that you are not offering it to guinea pigs.

From above all discussion, we can say that a pancake with dairy products, sugar, and vegetable oil is not healthy for guinea pigs. And we have to avoid by offering them pancakes. But can we make a pancake with guinea pigs’ friendly ingredients? Let’s have a look at it.

How To Make Pancakes For Guinea Pigs?

Pancakes For Guinea Pigs
Pancakes For Guinea Pigs

Everyone around us would like to eat homemade food and the same goes for our lovely guinea pigs. However, at home, we can make any food tastier and healthy for guinea pigs. So let’s have a look that how we can make a healthy pancake for guinea pigs.

  • At first, take a quarter cup of oats.
  • Then chop some carrots and any other guinea pigs’ favorite veggie
  • To make the pancake healthier chop some fruits like apples and berries into small pieces.
  • Mix all the ingredients into three table spoons of water.
  • After that take out a small quantity, shape it, and let it dry.
  • And then you can offer it to your pet guinea pigs.

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What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Guinea Pigs Eating Lettuce
Guinea Pigs Eating Lettuce

Guinea pigs are herbivores, and they can eat plant-based food only. It means that they can eat fruits, fresh vegetables, grass, etc. These ingredients make the primary part of every guinea pig’s food.

However, as they are herbivores so we have to avoid offering them animal-based food. For example, guinea pigs should have to avoid eating dairy products, meat, eggs, etc.

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Moreover, guinea pigs’ body is unable to produce vitamin C, so they can be vitamin C deficient if their food is vitamin C deficient. And this deficiency can cause scurvy, like diseases in guinea pigs. So make sure that you are feeding them vitamin C enriched food.

A Final Thought:

No doubt pancakes are delicious to us and we would like to have them in every single meal. But can guinea pigs eat pancakes? As pancakes are not guinea pigs oriented food so they nibble on them rather than eat.

However, we can make guinea pigs-friendly pancakes at home with their favorite fruits and vegetables.

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