Can Guinea Pigs Eat Catnip

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Catnip?

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If you own a guinea pig, then your concern about their safe eating is right. As they are fragile and cute pet animals so we have to give them healthy food. However, in search of healthy food for guinea pigs, sometimes we get confused that which food would be healthy for them and which not. Because if something is healthy for other pets it doesn’t mean that it would be safe for guinea pigs. To keep this in mind let’s explore the catnip herb. Can guinea pigs eat catnip? 

As catnip is an herb and cats are attracted to the fragrance of this herb. So let’s have a look that can guinea pigs eat catnip? And if yes, then is catnip healthy for them? Moreover, how often do we have to offer catnip to guinea pigs?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Catnip?

Let’s discuss this question by keeping in mind their eating behavior. As guinea pigs are rodents and they have the habit to nibble everything they get in their way. That’s why if you are curious about that can they eat catnip or not then they can as their sharp teeth help them chew everything.

But the actual concern is that is catnip healthy for guinea pigs? To know this, keep reading.

Is Catnip Healthy for Guinea Pigs?

Catnip for Guinea Pigs
Catnip for Guinea Pigs

For guinea pigs, eating something is not an issue, because their sharp teeth help them to eat whatever they want. But the real concern of every guinea pigs’ owner is that is catnip healthy for their guinea pigs’ pets.

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Sadly, catnip is not healthy for guinea pigs and we don’t have to offer them. In severe cases eating catnip could be toxic to guinea pigs, so we have to avoid offering it to guinea pigs.

According to some anecdotal evidence the flowers and seeds of catnip are toxic to guinea pigs. However, in severe cases eating flowers and seeds of catnip could be fatal to guinea pigs. But if they eat it in small quantities then they will get diarrhea.

However, according to some other resources consuming fresh leaves of catnip is safe for guinea pigs. But for the sake of their safety, we have to avoid offering them catnip leaves, seeds, and flowers.

Is Guinea Pigs Take Catnip as Their Food?

No, guinea pigs never consider catnip as their food. As catnip belongs to the mint family and has a fragrance like mint. But this fragrance is not attractive to guinea pigs and they ignore catnip if they find it in their way.

As we know that catnip is not healthy for guinea pigs, however, guinea pigs know this fact very well. And they don’t react towards the catnip as they react towards other foods. So we also avoid offering it to guinea pigs.

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Herbs?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Herbs
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Herbs

Catnip is herb and guinea pigs don’t have to eat it for the sake of their health. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot eat other herbs. As guinea pigs can eat herbs and numerous are healthy for them.

Not only this, herbs could be the best source to fulfill their nutritional needs. And you can consult your guinea pigs’ veterinarian if you want to add herbs as a part of your guinea pigs’ diet.

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What Herbs Are Appropriate to Guinea Pigs?

Unlike catnip, there are a lot of herbs that are safe and healthy for guinea pigs to consume. For example,

  • Radish
  • Endive
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley
  • Basil
  • Fennel
  • Thyme
  • Dandelion

All these herbs are healthy for guinea pigs to eat. However, adding something new to their diet, makes them curious about eating. But don’t give them a large quantity of new food at once. Rather than that add a small amount of any herb regularly to their food.

Is Catnip Healthy for Pet Animals?

Yes, catnip is safe for pet dogs. For dogs, you can consider this as nutritional food, because for dogs, catnip is a source of good vitamins and minerals. For example, catnip can provide vitamin C, E, magnesium, tannins, flavonoids, and essential oils.

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As all the above-mentioned nutrients are essential for dogs so you can give them catnip. Not only this, catnip deals with their sleeping issues, and anxiety, and give them prevention from mosquitos and fleas.

So don’t think of catnip as a toxic herb for all pet animals as it is not safe for guinea pigs.

So Can Guinea Pigs Eat Catnip?

Herbs contain numerous nutrients and are healthy for humans and animals equally. But this is not the case with every animal. For example, guinea pigs cannot eat catnip while dogs can. Catnip is toxic to guinea pigs while healthy for dogs.

So make sure you are not offering catnip to guinea pigs. However, you can feed this herb to your pet dogs.

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