Does Cedar Wood Chip Hurt Guinea Pigs?

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Guinea pigs can be cute companions for any individual. But having guinea pigs demand a lot of living care. If you are a new owner of guinea pig or want to own it then let me tell you that guinea pigs pee a lot. And to remove or minimize the pee smell you have to put bedding in their cage. Normally guinea pig owners prefer to put cedar wood chips in guinea pig’s cages. But is it fine to put cedar wood chips in a guinea pigs cage? Or, do cedar wood chips hurt guinea pigs? If yes, then why do most people prefer to put cedar wood chips in guinea pig’s cages? Let’s explore this.

Does Cedar Wood Chip Hurt Guinea Pigs?

In a short saying, yes. Yes, cedar wood chips can cause serious health issues to guinea pigs. However, no doubt the smell of cedar wood is helpful to remove or minimize the pee smell in the guinea pigs cage. But at the same time, this smell produces due to the presence of chemical phenol.

These phenols are not good for the respiratory system of guinea pigs. As guinea pigs used to chew the wood to keep their teeth in shape. And if you keep cedar chips in their cage they will do the same thing. So their nose constantly touches the cedar wood chips and sniffs their odor.

It means that they constantly sniff its odor which contains phenol. Because of harmful phenol chemicals, respiratory problems rise in guinea pigs. Not only this, but continuous phenol sniffing can alter their lever functioning.

However, we know that cedar wood chips are not good for guinea pigs. So don’t use it for your guinea pig’s bedding. No study shows that cedar wood is dangerous or poisonous to guinea pigs, but they are harmful enough to avoid.

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Why People Prefer To Have Cedar Wood Chips Bedding For Guinea Pigs?

As we know that cedar wood bedding is not good for guinea pigs, then but why do numerous people want to have them. However, there are several reasons for this. Firstly, cedar wood chips are not expensive to get. And because of their wallet-friendly nature, you can buy them whenever you need them.

Secondly, they are easy to access. This is also the biggest reason because of which numerous people want to have them instead of wasting their time searching for other options.

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Thirdly, the cedar wood chips have the ability to keep insects away from the guinea pig’s cage. So people prefer cedar wood chips for guinea pig’s bedding.

A Final Thought:

To keep bedding in your guinea pigs cage, many people prefer cedar wood chips. But do these chips are safe to use? No, cedar wood chips are not safe to use for your guinea pig’s bedding. Because the odor of cedar wood chips contains phenol which is a harmful chemical. And can cause respiratory issues in guinea pigs if they remain in contact with cedar wood chips for a long time.

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