Can Guinea Pigs Eat Wood

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Wood?

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As we know that wood is not an eating material for any of the living animals in this world. But many rodents like guinea pigs are famous to chew everything they can get and wood is not an exception for them. So let’s have a look that can guinea pigs eat wood? Is wood a food source for them or does wood serves another important purpose in their lives? Not only this but we will also explore what is good and what wood types are bad for guinea pigs. So keep reading.

No doubt guinea pigs are famous to chew hard objects like the other rodents. However, chewing wood or tree branches fulfill their necessary water needs. So we can say that chewing wood is not bad for guinea pigs. But what about eating? However, guinea pigs avoid eating wood and they don’t take wood as their wood.

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Wood?

Eating wood and chewing of wood are both different things so let’s discuss them separately. But at first, let’s have a look at the fact that what is the relation between wood and guinea pigs. Not only guinea pigs, but why do all the other rodents keep chewing hard things including wood.

In reality, the teeth of guinea pigs and all the other rodents keep growing continuously. And if they don’t trim it down then their teeth can cause severe ulcers in their cheeks and lips. So to avoid this they have to chew hard things like wood, to stop their growth continuously.

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So now we get a clear idea that guinea pigs have to chew wood for the sake of their teeth. As they have to keep them in proper size and shape. Not only woods but they can chew other hard objects as well. For example, you can give them chew toys, cardboard, etc.

Now, let’s throw light on the fact that can they eat wood or not? So there is a big no for this. Because guinea pigs and other rodents consider wood to tear down their teeth and not as a food source. SO if you are worried that after eating healthy food why do your guinea pigs start eating wood?

Then you don’t have to worry about it as they are not eating it but they are just chewing the wood to keep their teeth sharp and in size. As chewing wood is the effective method to keep their teeth in shape so you have to provide the wood. But the kind of wood they like the most to chew on and what kind of wood we don’t have to give them. Let’s have a look at it.

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What Wood Is Safe for Guinea Pigs?

If you are a guinea pig owner, then it is necessary to know what wood is safe for your pet to chew on and what is not. As wood can contain several toxic elements like traces of cyanide, we have to avoid such wood.

The wood which is safe for guinea pigs to chew is aspen wood alfalfa, ash, birch, borage, crabapple, hackberry, juniper, manzanita, pear, poplar, Cholla, dogwood, kiwi, maple, pecan, sycamore, arbutus, basswood, blackcurrant, grapevine, hazel, kudzu, mesquite, willow.

You can give any wood mentioned above to your guinea pig to keep their teeth in shape. As these woods don’t offer any potential health risk to guinea pigs.

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What Wood Is Not Safe for Guinea Pigs?

To keep their teeth in shape and size guinea pigs need wood to chew down. But it doesn’t mean that they can chew on every wood or every kind of wood that is healthy for guinea pigs to chew on. As there are numerous kinds of wood that are safer to consume for guinea pigs, similarly there are a lot of wood kinds that are not safe for them.

Before exploring such wood kinds let’s have a look at such fruit’s wood that have cyanide traces. As the mangoes, peaches, citrus trees, plums, cherries, etc. However, these fruits are healthy for guinea pigs to eat but their wood is not.

Because their wood contains cyanide traces which is a poison and can cause serious health issues in guinea pigs. Even the consumption of such wood for chewing would be fatal for guinea pigs.

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You may say that plywood is not a distinct wood type but is made with thin layers of wood that are glued together. Not only thin wood layers but it is also made of wood particles. And thus known as processed wood.

Such processed woods are not healthy for guinea pigs to chew on because they can contain several manufacturing chemicals. Not only this but as I said plywood is also made with wood particles so during chewing these particles can enter their respiratory tract and cause respiratory issues in guinea pigs.

That’s why not only plywood but doesn’t offer any processed wood to guinea pigs.

Wood With Phenol Scent:

Phenol is a toxic compound to smell, but several kinds of wood like cedar wood contain such phenols. And as during chewing your guinea pig nose stay on the wood and they continuously sniff it. Not only phenols can cause respiratory issues in guinea pigs but their large intake can be fatal for guinea pigs.

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A Final Thought:

Guinea pigs are good eaters and try to eat everything in their reach. That’s why several people wonder can guinea pigs eat wood? This question is valid because they keep chewing wooden stuff. But the answer is no because they use wood only for chewing not for eating.

And they have to chew hard objects like wood to keep their teeth in size because they keep growing. So you have to provide them wood if you are an owner of a guinea pig. But not all kinds of wood are safe for them.

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