Can Guinea Pigs Eat Plastic

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Plastic? – Is Plastic Poisonous to Guinea Pigs?

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Guinea pigs are cute, small rodents that numerous people want to have as their pets. However, they can amaze you with their eating and several living habits. As they would like to taste everything they get their paws on. However, their metabolism is delicate but still, they would like to eat whatever they get. But what about plastic and plastic objects? Can guinea pigs eat plastic? Do they consider plastic as their food source? Let’s have a look at all these questions.

As I earlier said that guinea pigs are rodents then which means that they would like to chew everything they get. And this habit of guinea pigs doesn’t depend on the materials. As they can chew whatever they get then plastic is not an exception. Not only guinea pigs can chew plastic but they can eat it. Now I will tell you about your question Can Guinea Pigs Eat Plastic? or not.

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Plastic?

Guinea pigs would like to eat everything they get, so why not plastic? As not only they can chew plastic but eat it as well. However, it is just their habit that they chew plastic or try to eat it, but they don’t take it as their food source.

Because, no matter how much plastic they get in front of them, they only try to taste it. And when they realize that this is not their food, they will stop eating it. However, eating a minor amount of plastic is not harmful to guinea pigs. But in a large amount, it can cause gut impaction.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Plastic? Eating plastic is not good for guinea pigs but chewing it or gnawing it is not bad. As we know that guinea pigs need to trim down their teeth regularly by chewing hard things like wood, hay, etc. And if they get plastic to chew and tear down their teeth then it’s not bad.

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As they can use plastic to keep their teeth in shape if the other resources are not available. And there is nothing bad in this act. Because the teeth of guinea pigs keep growing like the other rodents. And they have to keep them in shape and size otherwise their teeth can cause severe wounds in their lips and cheeks.

But if you don’t want to chew on the plastic then you can offer then hay to chew on and keep their teeth in size. As with this the risk of eating plastic vanish because at the end of the day plastic is not food for them. And can cause serious health issues to guinea pigs.

Are Plastic Bags Poisonous to Guinea Pigs?

As guinea pigs can eat plastic or plastic bags and they are not going to hesitate to taste them. But are these plastic bags poisonous to guinea pigs? Not only for guinea pigs but plastic is not a food source for any of the living animals.

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And if they eat it, then it can cause serious health issues as the digestion system of living animals is not in synchronization to deal with plastic or plastic bags. That’s why if guinea pigs keep eating plastic then it could be harmful to them.

However, plastic bags are not poisonous but if guinea pigs eat them then they can cause severe health issues. As they can cause bowel impaction in guinea pigs and a large amount of plastic in their body can be fatal to guinea pigs.

So, guinea pigs have to avoid eating plastic. Because, if it’s not poisonous then it doesn’t mean that it is not harmful.

What Materials Guinea Pigs Can Use for Gnaw?

Gnaw or nibbling is something that helps guinea pigs to keep their teeth in shape and size. And they have to do this regularly. It means that they need something to gnaw on. However, they eat and chew the plastic for this sake but as plastic is not good for their health then what we can give them for nibbling rather than plastic.

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However, there are a lot of options for it as you can give them wood, cardboard, paper, etc., to keep their teeth in shape and size. These options are not only safe for them but effective to tear down their teeth.

Because the metabolism of guinea pigs is strong enough to deal with wood and cardboard if they eat it during nibbling. But the digestion of plastic is harmful not only for guinea pigs but for any other living body on the earth.

A Final Thought: Can Guinea Pigs Eat Plastic

If you are curious to know can guinea pigs eat plastic, then the answer is yes. As not only they can eat plastic but they can use plastic to trim down their teeth. However, plastic is not food and thus the metabolism of guinea pigs is not designed to handle plastic or plastic bags. So eating plastic is not healthy for guinea pigs and can cause serious health issues.

can guinea pigs eat plastic bags?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat plastic bags but you need to hide these types of things.

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