Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bacon

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bacon?

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Meat is the best source of protein for animals and humans. As proteins are the main building blocks of living cells that’s why it is necessary to eat protein-enriched food like meat. So not only you can get the meats of several kinds in the market but you can get different meat parts of animals like bacon. However, like humans and tigers, not all animals can eat meat. For example, deer. So let’s have a look at the fact that can rodents like guinea pigs eat meat? Or can guinea pigs eat bacon? Let’s explore it.

However, the rodents like squirrels can really eat meat whenever they get a chance to eat it. Not only this, but some rodents can hunt to get a piece of meat. But this is not the case for every rodent, like guinea pig. As they are not made to eat meat. And like squirrels, they are not omnivores, rather than that they are herbivores.

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bacon?

Bacon is a thin meat part of any animal but commonly the belly or less fatty parts of the pork meat are called bacon. For humans, bacon is a central part of numerous dishes also a side ingredient of several recipes.

But can we offer this bacon piece to our guinea pets? Is this would be equally beneficial to them as humans? If you are also curious about this, then let me clarify that guinea pigs cannot eat bacon. Not only bacon but they cannot eat any kind of meat.

However, there are several reasons behind this but the most important is that guinea pigs are herbivores. They can only eat plants, vegetables, fruits, hay, etc. And most of the time they have to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables.

And the other cause that guinea pigs cannot eat bacon or any other type of meat is their metabolism. As their metabolism is not able to process the meat food. That’s why they are unable to eat meat. However, guinea pigs have the habit to nibble or gnaw on anything they get in their way. But if you ever try to offer them bacon then they will never try to eat it or chew it.

This also shows that they are not made to consume meat, bacon, or any other meat product.

The other thing which adds its part is their gastrointestinal tract, which is also unable to digest and process the meat.

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What Foods Guinea Pigs Cannot Eat?

Not only meat but there is also a lot of other foods that guinea pigs cannot eat. And also we will discuss the foods which we shouldn’t offer to guinea pigs as their metabolism is unable to process them.

Processed Food:

Guinea pigs are sensitive towards foods with sugary and caffeine content. Because their metabolism is unable to handle the sugar amount and caffeine amount that processed food can have. And thus foods like chocolate are harmful to guinea pigs.

As guinea pigs are herbivores so they are habitual to eat natural sugar. So you can say that because of it their body cannot handle processed foods. And feeding such foods to guinea pigs can lead to cardiovascular issues.

Onions And Potatoes:

The starch nature of potatoes makes them unhealthy for guinea pigs. And similarly, the onions and any other member of the onion family are unhealthy for guinea pigs. However, the following are members of the onion family,

  • Leeks,
  • Shallots
  • Chives
  • Garlic

However, the acidic nature of onions and all other onion family members make them non-edible food for guinea pigs. As they are unable to handle such acidic foods. And these foods can cause blood issues in guinea pigs.

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Dairy Products:

Not only guinea pigs but numerous other animals are also unable to handle dairy products. The reason is that their gut lacks the presence of enzymes that help in the digestion of dairy products. And the same goes for guinea pigs as they are also unable to digest dairy products. Following dairy products shouldn’t be an offer to guinea pigs,

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Kefir
  • Yogurt


For humans, avocado is healthy food but sadly not for guinea pigs. However, there are two reasons for this. Firstly, some parts of avocados contain a substance “persin”, which is known as a poisonous substance for guinea pigs. Not only for guinea pigs but avoid giving avocadoes to any other animal. As this “persin” substance is equally poisonous to all other animals.

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And the second reason is that guinea pigs are used to gain fat easily. So you have to avoid them giving fatty foods like avocadoes. As avocadoes are high in fatty content.

What Is Guinea Pigs Favorite Food?

Guinea pigs are foody creatures and they keep nibbling on the food. That’s why it is difficult to explain what is favorite to guinea pigs. Moreover, guinea pigs are different and could prefer different foods.

However, it is observed that broccoli and carrots are the foods that guinea pigs prefer to eat.

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A Final Thought:

As rodent, guinea pigs can nibble and chew whatever they get as food. So can guinea pigs eat bacon? In short, not only bacon but guinea pigs cannot eat any kind of meat. As they are herbivores and unable to eat meat.

Moreover, as they don’t eat meat so like us meat is not beneficial for guinea pigs. Eating meat can enhance the risk of numerous health risks in guinea pigs. And their metabolism is also unable to process bacon and other kinds of meat.

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