Can Guinea Pigs Chew Hazel Nut Wood

Can Guinea Pigs Chew Hazel Nut Wood?

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Guinea pigs are cute rodents and thus like other rodents, they have continuously growing teeth. And to wear them down they have to chew on hard objects like plastic, wood, etc. But the problem is that not all kinds of wood are safe to chew for guinea pigs. For example, the cedar chips. Due to the presence of phenols in cedar chips, they are dangerous enough for guinea pigs to avoid. But what about hazelnut wood? Can guinea pigs chew hazelnut wood? Let’s explore this.

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Hazelnut wood is not dangerous to guinea pigs like the cedar wood chips. Because hazelnut wood does not contain any phenol or phenols smell. As the phenol smell can cause respiratory problems in guinea pigs. Rather than that the hazelnut wood is healthy and safe for guinea pigs to chew on.

Can Guinea Pigs Chew Hazel Nut Wood?

In short, yes, guinea pigs can chew hazelnut wood. As guinea pigs are rodents and like other rodents, their teeth keep growing for their whole life. But they have to keep them in normal size because long teeth can cause severe ulcers in their mouth and cheeks. And to wear their teeth down they have to chew on hard objects like plastic, hay, wood, etc.

However, because of their chewing habit and requirement, they can chew everything they get in their ways. Not only this, but they can also chew the wood that is not safe for them. So if you are wondering to know that can they chew hazelnut wood or not? Then they surely can. As chewing hazelnut wood is not a big deal for guinea pigs as they have sharp and strong teeth for this task.

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Is It Safe for Guinea Pigs to Chew Hazel Nut Wood?

Chewing wood is necessary for guinea pigs to keep their teeth in shape and size. But not all woods are safe for them to chew. Because there is numerous wood that contains toxic substances for guinea pigs. And chewing such woods can harm them.

For example, the wood of the peach tree is not safe for guinea pigs to chew. Because this wood contains more traces of cyanide than the peach fruit. And cyanide is a poisonous substance for guinea pigs.

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But the hazelnut wood is not dangerous to guinea pigs. As they can safely chew this wood. Not only this but hazelnut wood is healthy for guinea pigs in several ways. For example, chewing hazelnut wood helps to relieve the biliary disorder in guinea pigs. Not only this but chewing hazelnut wood is good for the liver health of guinea pigs.

A Final Thought:

If you have hazelnut wood and no idea that can guinea pigs chew hazelnut wood or not, then let me tell you that they can. As their sharp teeth allow them to chew whatever they want. And if there is hazelnut wood then they are not going to hesitate. However, the main concern is that is hazelnut wood safe for guinea pigs to chew or not. But it is not safe to chew but also healthy for their liver.

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