Male Dog Names For Small Dogs

21 Male Dog Names For Small Dogs

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It doesn’t matter whether you choose a small male or a large dog. They all need a name.

Below we have  compiled male dog names for small dogs for you. For each name you will find the origin of the name and an explanation of its meaning.

Small dogs with big demands

Small dogs are clearly the trend.

While German shepherds, Labradors and St. Bernards were common dog breeds in the past, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese or similar dwarfs are becoming more and more common today.

There are enough reasons for this. More and more people live in the city. Keeping a large dog is not unproblematic here.

A German Shepherd, a Bernese Mountain Dog or even a Newfoundland needs space. Small single apartments are usually not suitable for this.

A small dog has a clear advantage here. A little corner can be quickly set up for him, which hardly takes up any space in the apartment.

The little male can be taken almost anywhere. If the worst comes to the worst, it simply goes into the carry bag.

With a big dog, none of this would be so easy.

Male dog names for small dogs


Idefix is ​​the little dog from the Asterix comics. It is not clear what race he belongs to.

In any case, he belongs to Obelix and is full of creativity and always comes up with new ideas.

baby – Male Dog Names For Small Dogs

Bambino is Italian and means “little boy”. This makes Bambino ideal for a small dog.

In the American television series “Navy CIS”, the youngest member of the team is always referred to as Bambino by one of the agents.


Benny is short for Benjamin. This name comes from Hebrew and could be translated as “son of the south, son of the right hand”.


Bamm-Bamm is the little boy of the Rubble family from the animated series The Flintstones.

Bamm Bamm is still very small. But he always surprises with his power and the actions associated with it.

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cookie – Male Dog Names For Small Dogs

A cookie is an American biscuit that is very often very sweet.

Since most small dogs can also be described as cute, the name fits very well here.


Dusty was once an English surname. Today, however, it is also used as a first name.

It is assumed that this is the form of the North Indian first name “Dorsteinn”. This is a modification of Thorsten and means “Thor’s stone”.


Even today, there is not much need to say a lot about the name Elvis. The best-known name bearer was certainly Elvis Presley.

The name means “noble friend” or “friend of the elves”. This makes Elvis an extremely appropriate name for any little companion.


A rascal or rascal can be described as a filou as well as a playboy or good-for-nothing.

If you take it very precisely, there are probably suitable four-legged friends for both variants.

Fips – Male Dog Names For Small Dogs

We humans like to use Fips as an abbreviation for the name Philipp. For a dog, this abbreviation is just right.

The name comes from ancient Greek and could be translated as “the horse lover”.

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Grisu is the Italian word for “fire”.

The name became popular in the 1970s because of the little dragon. In the TV series of the same name, Grisu really wants to be a firefighter.


The name Jimmy is considered a modification of James. This name in turn derives from Jacob.

Ultimately, however, Jimmy simply means “May Yahweh protect”. But where you come from is not that important. It is important that the name suits and pleases the four-legged friend.

mickey – Male Dog Names For Small Dogs

Mickey is short for Michael. This name is primarily known as the first name of the most famous mouse in the world: Mickey Mouse.

The name means “who is like God” and comes from Hebrew.


What could be better suited to a small but domineering and dominant male dog than the French general’s name.


Odie is the funny and lovable dog from the Garfield comics. He lives in the same household as the overweight cat.

Odie isn’t the brightest and can be a bit stupid at times. That’s probably why he always has to put up with Garfield’s pranks.

A delightful name for a small dog that is fun and kind but can seem a little absent-minded at times.

Rusty – Male Dog Names For Small Dogs

Rusty is the pet form of Russell. This name comes from Old French and derives from Rousel. It means “little red”.


Who doesn’t know Snoopy? He is the little black and white beagle from the comic series The Peanuts.

Snoopy rarely acts like a dog. He likes to lie on the kennel and philosophize.

If you have a dog that also behaves strangely at times, this is the right name.


Spencer is a name that comes from the French language family. It goes back to an earlier job title: despensier – to distribute.

The name Spencer thus designates someone who manages and distributes supplies.


Dobby is the little house elf from Harry Potter. He is knee high and has a piercing and squeaky voice. There are certainly a whole lot of small four-legged friends who rightly deserve this name.

twix – Male Dog Names For Small Dogs

Twix is ​​by no means a name in the traditional sense. Rather, it is the brand name for a sweet chocolate caramel bar that used to be called Raider.

Still, in the context of a cute little dog, the name Twix sounds pretty nice.


dr Watson is the constant companion and friend of the detective Sherlock Holmes.

But Watson is also the name of an artificial intelligence developed by IBM. Accordingly, a very good name for a clever four-legged friend.


Yves is the French variant of Ivo and comes from Old High German.

The name means yew. Arrows for bows were once made from this wood. That’s why Yves is also translated as “the archer”.

Little character guys with dog eyes

Small dogs can be quite charismatic. As small as they may be, they are true personalities and show us once again that a small dog is not a toy but can be a full partner

Many small breeds are always underestimated. Yorki, Chihuahua and Co. are highly intelligent and know exactly what they want and how to get it.

This is where they have a clear advantage over large dogs for most people. They just have to look at their holder from below with wide eyes. And you can hardly resist.

This is where the great danger lies. As cute as Dobby, Watson or Snoopy may be, they also need to be raised.

If you miss that and let the dwarves do as they please, then what a dog trainer recently explained to me happens:

“Chihuahuas are always working on their plan to eventually take over the world!”

And that brings me to two names as a bonus: “Pinky and Brain”.

You may remember the animated series Pinky and the Brain. The two talking laboratory mice work every day to take over the world.

When it comes to exercise, however, one should not underestimate the need of a small dog. Even the little ones can be persistent and want to have fun and, above all, have enough exercise.

Not every little male dog  is actually born a lap dog.

Of course, most of the little four-legged friends have nothing against being stroked. But they also want exercise, both physical and mental. So they are in no way inferior to the big ones.

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