Hairless Dog Breeds

7 Hairless Dog Breeds! Introduce the characteristics and personality of the hairless dog

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There are many types of dogs, but there is also a dog called “hairless dog”. The Hairless Dogless is an unusual dog breed with an impressive appearance.

In this article, we will introduce you to the characteristics and personality of hairless dogs. I will also explain the history of hairless dogs and why they do not grow hair. Please use it as a reference.

7 types in the world! What is a hairless dog?

A hairless dog is a dog breed that has no hair at all, or has hair only on parts of the head and tail. There are few hairless dog breeds in the world, and currently , seven breeds registered with the Japan Kennel Club are confirmed .

History of hairless dogs

Hairless dogs are said to have existed as long ago as 300 BC, and it seems that there was a time when they were treated with care as food and for keeping warm. It can be inferred from the fact that it is depicted in the pottery of the pre-Inca civilization.

In ancient Egypt, the hairless dog was a special existence for people because “a dog without hair = no dirt”. It is said that it was useful as a hot compress to relieve pain and as a hot water bottle to keep warm.

The hairless dog is a dog breed that was once prized by people, including royalty and aristocrats.

Why Hairless Dogs Have No Hair

Hairless dogs have no hair because a mutation in the FOXI13 gene causes abnormalities in the outer lung lobes where the skin differentiates. Inheriting a dominant gene from either parent will result in a hairless puppy.

If both parents are hairless, a normal fetus will not be born. Therefore, in order to breed hairless dogs, it is necessary to cross hairy and hairless dogs.

Characteristics of hairless dogs

The hairless dog has no hair, so the skin is exposed, so it has a slender body with clear body lines and a cool impression. Since there is no fur covering the body, the body temperature is naturally high.

Hairless dogs come in a variety of sizes, from small to large. He has a strong sense of vigilance and has a nervous side, and his personality is suitable for watchdogs, which does not suit his slender body. They love to play and are full of curiosity, so if you train them properly from an early age, they will be good playmates for children.

Characteristics and personalities of 7 types of hairless dogs

chinese crested dog

The whole body is not hairless, with long hair on the top of the head and ears, and short hair on the tail. You are sensitive and have an introverted side. They are devoted to their owners and are good at making them happy.


The Chinese Crested Dog is a dog breed that originated in China. There is a theory that hairless dogs spread to China as the Spaniards landed in Central and South America around the 13th century.

Height/weight and life expectancy

height 23-33cm
body weight 5.5 kg or less
Average life 13-15 years old

Ease of rearing

They are obedient and docile to their owners, and rarely bark. They get along well with other dogs, making them suitable for multi-dog households. Since the skin is fragile, daily care is required.

Xoloitzcuinzle (Mexican hairless dog)


The Xoloitzcuinzle, native to Mexico, is said to have existed 3,500 years ago and is a hairless dog with a long history. Among the ancient Aztecs, it was treated as a messenger of the gods and was eaten in special ceremonies.

Height/weight and life expectancy

standard variety Intermediate Baratie miniature variety
height 40-60cm 36-45cm 25-35cm
body weight 9-14kg 4.5~9kg 5kg
Average life 13-18 years old

Ease of rearing

With a cheerful and bright personality, it is a breed that is relatively easy to keep. It is prone to skin troubles, so care is necessary.

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american hairless terrier

They have hair when they are born, but they fall out within a few weeks. It has smooth skin and is characterized by thin pings and black semi-spotted patterns on a white background.


A very rare breed of hairless terrier native to America. It was born from a mutation in the American Rat Terrier.

Height/weight and life expectancy

height 18-46cm
body weight 2.5-12kg
Average life 14-16 years old

Ease of rearing

The terrier temperament is not overly aggressive, and is friendly and gets along well with children and other animals. They don’t get a lot of exercise, so they are relatively easy to keep.

peruvian hairless dog

There is basically no hair on the head and tail, just a little. They come in a variety of colors, including black, blond, gray, and dark brown, and some have pink spots on their skin.


A Peruvian dog breed that was said to have already existed during the time of the Inca Empire. It was bred and eaten by the ancient Vanka people.

Height/weight and life expectancy

large medium size Small
height 50-65cm 40-50cm 25-40cm
body weight 12-25kg 8-12kg 4-8kg
Average life 11-12 years old

Ease of rearing

Intelligent and affectionate, but with a wary side. The number of breeding animals in Japan is small, and it is difficult to obtain information, so it is not suitable for beginners.

Hairless Carla (Bolivian Hairless Dog)

The body is hairless, but some individuals have long white hair on their heads. It has long legs and neck, a slender body and protruding ears.


It is native to Bolivia and is so rare that it is designated as the national dog. It was created by crossing a Bolivian dog with a Peruvian Hairless Dog. It was once raised and eaten by the Vanka tribe.

Height/weight and life expectancy

It is divided into two types: medium and grande.

Medio (Pottery type) Grande (sighthound type)
into 3 heights
36-41cm 43-51cm
Divided into 3 weight
6.8-13.9kg 8-13.5kg
Average life 10-14 years old

Ease of rearing

It has a gentle personality and is obedient to its owner, so it is a breed that is easy to keep at home. Because they are wary, building a relationship of trust is key when training them.

argentinian hairless dog

It is black from head to toe and has a toned and slim body. It has a little comb-like hair on its head.


This breed originated in Argentina and is the origin of the hairless dog breed. Some say it was a gift from the Inca Empire to Argentina. Currently, the population is declining and is in danger of extinction.

Height/weight and life expectancy

Height/weight and life expectancy

height 25-45cm
body weight no detailed data
Average life no detailed data

*The average lifespan is unknown, but it is said that they live up to 20 years old depending on how they are cared for.

Ease of rearing

It can be difficult for beginners to raise as it is prone to skin diseases. They are affectionate and loyal, yet wary.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

The whole body is light brown, and some individuals have pink spots and, in rare cases, white hair on the top of the head. It has a hound temperament that catches small animals as prey, so it is difficult to keep them together.


It is native to Peru, but there is also a theory that the original roots are China and Africa. After being brought to the Inca Empire, they were kept as pets for the nobility.

Height/weight and life expectancy

large medium size Small
height 50-65cm 40-50cm 25-40cm
body weight 12-25kg 8-12kg 4-8kg
Average life 11-12 years old

Ease of rearing

Although it has a slightly nervous and cautious personality, it shows a high degree of loyalty to its family. It may be difficult to obtain related information because the number of breeding animals in Japan is small.

Precautions in raising a hairless dog (hairless dog)

Let’s take a look at some things to keep in mind when raising a hairless dog.

sensitive to heat and cold

Hairless dogs are sensitive to heat and cold due to their lack of hair. It is necessary to manage the room temperature frequently with an air conditioner.

In winter, wear warm clothes to protect yourself from the cold. Avoid going out during the day as much as possible in the summer, as the UV rays are strong and can easily damage your skin.

skin care

The most important thing to keep in mind when raising a hairless dog is skin care. It is easy to cause skin irritation, so shampoo it sparingly and wipe your body regularly to keep it clean.

In winter, to prevent dryness, apply moisturizing creams and lotions to keep your skin moisturized. In summer, it is a good idea to apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the effects of strong UV rays. If you have rough skin, please consult your veterinarian for daily care.

Personality-oriented discipline

Hairless dogs are alert and a little nervous. They tend to be open with their families but keep their distance from others. When you meet people or dogs when you go out or walk, do not force them to interact and keep your dog’s pace.

They are obedient to their owners and will learn if trained correctly. Due to their sensitive temperament, it is important to train them to be sensitive to their feelings.

Can I have a hairless dog with animal allergies?

It is said that hairless dogs can be bred even if they have animal allergies.

If you are allergic to dogs, your dog’s hair loss and dander can cause an allergic reaction. Hairless dogs do not shed much hair, and dandruff can be suppressed with proper care. Even when kept indoors, it is easier to clean, so it is less likely to cause allergies than a dog with a coat.

However, just because a dog is hairless doesn’t mean it won’t cause allergies. Even hairless dogs can cause allergies depending on the constitution of dogs and humans. If you decide to breed, please consider carefully.


Hairless dogs are rare in the world, and there are only 7 types in existence. It has a stylish figure and is characterized by a graceful and attractive appearance.

They require more grooming and environmental considerations than hairy breeds, but with the right precautions, there is no problem. They are docile and obedient, making them relatively easy to keep. He also has a sensitive personality, so when training him, take your dog’s feelings into consideration and proceed slowly.

Even the same hairless dog has different characteristics and personalities depending on the dog breed. When you welcome a dog to your family, please consider the breed that suits your home.

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