Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast

What Do Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast?

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What Do Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast?

Morning breakfast is necessary for all of us, and we shouldn’t have to miss it. But at the same time, having a healthy breakfast is essential for our pet cats. And this is our responsibility that what we are feeding them should be beneficial for them. However, many new cat owners don’t know what we have to feed cats for their breakfast. So if you are also worried about that, what do cats like to eat for breakfast? Then navigate this article.

There could be several things in cats’ breakfast. However, you can add some foods your cat likes the most to make their breakfast enjoyable. But make sure that your cats’ breakfast should contain all the essential nutrients.

What Do Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast?

As cats have been living with humans for millennia, they are used to eating a lot of human-based food. So you can offer cooked fish, eggs, rice and meat, boiled vegetables, oats, etc., to your cat for breakfast. However, cats can eat a variety of meat but don’t offer anything to eat immediately after waking up. Let them do some exercise first, then provide any of the following food.

Cooked Fish:

Cooked Fish for cat breakfast
Cooked Fish for cat breakfast

Cats like to eat fish, and also fish is a good source of omega-3 for cats. Omega-3 fatty acid helps cats keep their eyesight sharp and prevent them from several diseases.

So keep in mind that you have to feed them fish as much as possible. However, cats like to eat fish in any form. For example, you can offer them cooked fish, grilled fish, and uncooked fish.

Moreover, make sure not to add any salt and seasoning to your fish bowls. As in the breakfast, it could be unhealthy for them.

Boiled Vegetables:

Boiled Vegetables for Cats
Boiled Vegetables for Cats

Vegetables are essential for everyone, including your cats. But don’t give them uncooked vegetables, as this can cause choking hazards in cats. So the best way is to offer them boiled vegetables.

Not only boil vegetables, but you can give them mashing veggies as well. As this is easy for them to eat rather than the uncooked veggies. However, vegetables are the source of several essential nutrients and minerals for cats. So you can give them boiled vegetables for breakfast without any hesitation.

Cooked Meat Mixed with Rice:

Cooked Meat Mixed with Rice
Cooked Meat Mixed with Rice

Meat is a source of protein for everyone, and the same goes for cats. As they also need meat to fulfill their protein need. So you have to include meat in their breakfast as much as you can. However, you can offer them meat with boiled rice as well.

The combination of meat and rice gives them the healthiest breakfast to start their day. In beef, you can add cooked meat, chicken, turkey, and lamb to full fill their nutritional need.

Whole Grains Like Oats:

Cats like to have corn, polenta ground cornmeal, etc. You can provide them with whole grains in their breakfast. In whole grains, oats are easy to make, and cats like them to eat.

But before offering them whole grains, make sure that you are smashing them into fine pieces so that your cat can digest them easily.

Cat Food:

However, if you are a busy person or don’t know how to prepare breakfast for your furry friend, you can offer them cat food in their breakfast. This food is specially designed for cats according to their nutritional need.

However, you can offer every cat’s edible food for breakfast to cats, but make sure that you are offering them healthy food. And also, keep in mind that cats are picky towards their food and don’t show any interest in the same food daily. So try to switch your cats’ food regularly.

Do Cats Need Breakfast?

For humans’ breakfast is essential as a healthy breakfast gives vital nutrients and energy to fulfill the regular tasks of the body. Similarly, cats also need breakfast to accomplish their daily tasks. And thus, offering them a healthy breakfast is our first duty.

However, many people mistakenly think that cats don’t need breakfast as they believe that cats are nocturnal animals and remain active during the night. But this is not true, as cats are not nocturnal animals.

Moreover, the idea that cats don’t need breakfast came from their days in the wild. As in the wild, cats have to hunt the small animals, and thus they don’t have any routine for eating. But when cats live with us, we have to feed them, and we can set their routine accordingly.

So they need breakfast to fulfill their body needs and daily tasks. A healthy breakfast has a significant effect on their overall health as well.

Can Cats Eat Bread in Breakfast?

However, cats can eat bread as bread are not a part of toxic food for cats. So they can eat if the pieces of bread are fully baked. As the non-baked bread is not safe for cats to eat.

But the thing is that we don’t have to offer them bread regularly, as bread doesn’t contain any essential nutrients for cats. So there is no need to provide them with pieces of bread for breakfast. However, the cats’ breakfast should contain healthy ingredients.

Another reason that cats don’t need bread is their obligatory carnivores. Such carnivores don’t need carbohydrates, and the same goes for grains. If you want to offer them grains, then do it in a small amount.

Can Cats Eat Bread Dough in Breakfast?

If you have fully baked bread in your home and want to offer your cat their breakfast, there is no harm. But moderation is the key to good health. So never try to give them too much bread or regularly as bread doesn’t offer any nutritional value to cats.

But it is also true that bread is not harmful to cats. But what about its’ dough? Can cats eat bread dough for breakfast? If you are also curious about this question, let me tell you that the answer is a big no.

Fully-backed bread is not harmful to cats, but its dough has several potential harms for cats. For example,

  • The bread dough can start rising in the digestive system of cats and cause blockage of the digestive path. Not only this, it can cause bloating and gas in cats which is also not healthy for the cat. And in severe cases, this dough could be fatal to cats.
  • Additionally, the dough of bread can start fermenting in the digestive system of cats. By product of bread’s dough fermentation is alcohol. And when this alcohol gets into the bloodstream of cats it leads to alcohol poisoning in cats. However, this alcohol poisoning is fatal for cats.

So we have to avoid offering them bread dough, and not even a chunk of dough should be given to the cats.

Can Kittens Eat the Same Breakfast as Older Cats?

As we know that kittens have developing gut and immature digestive system as compared to older cats. So it is clear that we cannot give similar breakfast to kittens and older cats. However, if we offer a softer breakfast to kittens, then it is easy for them to chew and digest.

If you offer a softer version of the older cats’ breakfast to kittens, they can digest it without any difficulty. But keep in mind that the food which is not healthy for older cats shouldn’t be given to kittens as their developing digestive system is more sensitive than older cats.

What Humans Foods Are Safe for Cats?

Cats have been living with humans for millennia. That’s why they are habitual to eat several human foods. Following is the list of humans food that cats can eat. However, moderation is the key to good health.

Meat: Can Cats eat Meat for Breakfast

Meat is the primary source of proteins for humans and cats. However, cats are carnivorous animals and eat meat as their primary food. In terms of meat, cats can eat the meat of beef, turkey, chicken, pigeon, liver, lamb, etc. 

Before offering them meat make sure that you are not giving them raw meat. And also, remove the bones and skin of meat before giving it to cats.


Cats are well known due to their love of fish meat. However, we also have to offer them fish meat as this meat offers them omega-3 fatty acids, which are also necessary for their excellent health. But before providing them fish, make sure the following things,

  • Never serve them raw fish
  • Remove all the bones of the fish
  • Offer them well-cooked fish


Cats are carnivorous animals, so they like to eat meat as their primary food. But you will be surprised to know that cats can also eat a small portion of boiled eggs, and it means that if you offer them scrambled or boiled eggs, they will surely like to eat them.

As eggs are a good source of amino acids and proteins, we have to give eggs to cats to the extent they can eat.

A Final Thought:

Nowadays, cats live with humans, and they develop themselves according to humans’ living styles. In the wild, cats are free about their eating habits. But as we humans have to eat for a specific period, however, this is necessary for our good health.

And if you are the owner of a cat, then you also have to feed your cats according to your eating schedule, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is an essential part of our day and similarly for cats. But what is healthy for cats to have in the breakfast?

For cats, it is compulsory to have nutritional food in the breakfast like cats food, meat, cooked fish, boiled vegetables, whole grains, and a small portion of fully backed bread.

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