Can cats and hedgehogs live together

Can cats and hedgehogs live together? Points and precautions when living together

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Due to the pet boom in recent years, more and more people are keeping different kinds of pets together. In addition to cats, hedgehogs are popular, but is it possible to keep them together?

In this article, we have summarized the points and cautions when keeping cats and hedgehogs together.
Create a stress-free environment for each other.

Can cats and hedgehogs live together?

In conclusion, cats and hedgehogs can be kept together. However, in the natural world, small animals such as hedgehogs are targets of prey for cats. In other words, the danger of cats attacking hedgehogs is not zero.

If you want to keep a cat and a hedgehog together, the cat should ideally have a calm personality. However, cats are animals that originally lived in wild environments, so even if they have a quiet personality, they still have a sense of the wild. If the wild switch is turned on for some reason, it may suddenly attack the hedgehog.

Therefore, avoid having cats and hedgehogs alone in the same space. If you let them go together, the owner must always be by your side and watch over them. When raising two animals, pay attention to the breeding method.

Points to note when cats and hedgehogs live together

Keep the following points in mind when letting cats and hedgehogs live together.

Know the nature and habits of hedgehogs

Cats and hedgehogs have common temperaments and habits. Both are nocturnal, active at night. Basically, it is similar to acting alone instead of in a group, but it can be stressful to have another individual in the same space.

Hedgehogs are timid and cautious by nature. In addition, when it encounters something inexperienced in the environment it is placed for the first time, it becomes even more vigilant. Hedgehogs may become confined to their beds or, conversely, aggressive, so be mindful of their behavior when introducing them to your cat.

Living with cats can be stressful and can lead to loss of appetite. Observe the behavior of the hedgehog and do not force it into contact.

don’t let go

If you keep a cat and a hedgehog together, don’t let them loose. Hedgehogs are generally kept in cages and released when needed. When letting them play, let them play one by one at first, and place the cages where they can see each other so that they recognize each other’s existence.

I will look at the compatibility from the state of the two at this time. If they are on good terms, there is no problem, but if they are not compatible, the hedgehog may threaten from inside the cage, or the cat may threaten the hedgehog inside the cage.

In that case, keep them in another room.

Take your time and get used to it

As with cats, it will take some time for them to get used to each other’s company. Hedgehogs in particular are sensitive and easily stressed, so it is important to take your time and get used to them at their own pace.

Be wary if someone you don’t know suddenly approaches. Moreover, for small hedgehogs, a large cat would be a scary presence. If you force them to meet, you may get into a fight.

If there seems to be no hostility to each other, it is okay to introduce each other. Take time to let your guard down and spend more time together.

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Precautions when keeping cats and hedgehogs together

Beware of quarrels

If a cat and a hedgehog fight, they may hurt each other, so be careful not to let them fight.

Even cats, who are usually quiet, sometimes fight. If a small hedgehog is punched or bitten by a cat, it may get hurt. Also, hedgehogs not only threaten when they get angry, but they may also bounce while raising their needles. If the cat gets stuck with the needle, it can hurt.

If you are prone to fights on a regular basis, it is best to avoid bringing the two together and keep them in separate living zones.

Beware of skin diseases

Hedgehogs have sensitive skin, so be careful of skin diseases. Hedgehogs can become inflamed if they get ticks, fleas, or lice from cats. It looks like a skin disease, but if it gets worse, it can become a serious condition that can lead to loss of appetite and malnutrition.

In order to protect the hedgehog’s skin from skin diseases, it is important to check whether the cat is parasitized by ticks or fleas. When cats go out, they are more likely to get ticks from other cats and plants. If you suspect your cat has a tick infestation, avoid contact with hedgehogs. If your cat is scratching a lot, ask your veterinarian to get rid of ticks.


When keeping a cat and a hedgehog together, it is important to understand the temperament and habits of the hedgehog, keep it in a cage instead of letting it loose, and slowly get used to it.

In addition, since hedgehogs have sensitive skin, it is necessary to be careful of skin diseases caused by ticks and fleas from cats. In the case of face-to-face encounters, introducing a cat and a hedgehog from the beginning may cause unexpected injury. Until you can confirm that there is no hostility to each other, let’s slowly approach the distance without rushing. If you can’t help but fight, consider keeping them in separate rooms.

It’s heartwarming to see these two animals, who are normally hostile, living together in harmony. The owner needs to think about the appropriate breeding method after considering the personality of the two animals. Both should be raised with love as part of the family.


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