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What are the characteristics of brown cats? Introducing brown cat breeds and personalities

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A brown cat with a warm coat color that gives a feeling of warmth and familiarity. Among them, the brown tiger is popular and has a reputation for being easy to keep. In this article, we will introduce you to brown cat breeds and personalities. By knowing the characteristics and personality of brown cats, you should be able to feel closer to them.

characteristics of brown cats

What are the characteristics of brown cats?

Larger than other cats

Brown cats are larger than other cat breeds.

Male cats tend to be larger than females. Due to genetic differences, brown tigers have a higher expression rate in males than in females.

The male-to-female ratio of brown tigers is said to be 80% male and 20% female. Because most brown tigers are males, brown cats are said to be large.

spoiled personality

Brown cats are said to be spoiled and friendly.

They love to be held and petted, and often come close to humans and pamper themselves. There are many children who are calm and do not like fighting, so it is easy to keep even for first-time owners.

As much as he is a spoiled child, he has a lonely side and hates being left alone.

brown cat breed

There are two main types of brown cats: pheasant tigers and brown tigers. The pheasant tiger is the basic coat of a cat, and is a so-called tabby cat. What is common to brown tigers and pheasant tigers is the Cleopatra line with an “M” pattern on the forehead.

Pheasant tiger

Pheasant tiger

Pheasant tigers are characterized by their brown background with black stripes.

The fur color of the yellow tiger is striped, which is a protective color, so it is said that it was convenient for hiding and aiming for prey.

A cat that has gray or silver genes in a pheasant tiger will be a “sabatora”.

brown tiger

brown tiger

A brown tiger is a cat with dark orange stripes on its coat, and in Japan, the brown tiger-patterned cat is the reason why it is called a brown tiger.

Brown tigers, which are less pigmented than pheasant tigers, have pink noses and paws, and yellowish-gold eyes. Brown tigers, which have warm coat colors, have a warm and soft atmosphere. Brown tigers are further classified into three categories based on the distribution of shades.


A brown tiger with dark orange stripes on an orange background is called “Marudora”. The overall color is orange, some have white hair on the chin, and the tip of the tail is lighter in color.

brown white

“Chashiro” basically has a round gora pattern, but it has a coat with white parts. Some have white faces, others have white stomachs, and some have white feet that look like they are wearing socks.

white tea

“White tea” is a coat with more white parts than brown white. It has an original fur pattern with orange on its head, tail, and feet.

Introducing cat breeds with brown fur

Introducing cat breeds with brown fur. Please check the care and precautions for each.

american shorthair

american shorthair

American Shorthair, a typical Western cat. She has a lovely face and a friendly and bright personality.

how to keep

Gentle and friendly, the American Shorthair is not afraid to be afraid and adapts well to its environment and people.

They are active and playful, so set up a cat tower to create an environment where they can move up and down, or invite them to play with toys.

He is full of curiosity, so he also has a mischievous side. It can run around the room or jump from high places, so remove anything dangerous.

important point

American Shorthairs are voracious eaters and are prone to obesity, so proper diet management is required. Watch out for diabetes and joint disease due to obesity.

They are also susceptible to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and acute renal failure. If you feel that your pet is not feeling well, please consult your veterinarian.

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A munchkin with a long torso and short legs. He is full of curiosity, highly sociable, and good at pampering.

how to keep

Munchkins love to communicate with their owners. It is easy to train because it is smart and affectionate.

He has a spoiled personality, so he will be happy if you actively make time to play with him. They are small but active, so make sure they have plenty of space to play and provide toys.

Please avoid scolding them out loud as they can be timid.

Being lonely and left alone can be stressful. It may not be suitable for families who are often away from home for long periods of time.

important point

Munchkins gain weight easily, and the more weight they gain, the greater the burden on their legs and lower back. Manage diet and weight. Since the legs are short and the viewpoint is low, it is necessary to be careful not to accidentally ingest foreign objects. Do not leave anything that can be swallowed.

It is easy to get a disc herniation because the load on the limbs and joints is easy. Try to make your living environment as stress-free as possible (such as using non-slip flooring, reducing steps, etc.).

Long-haired Munchkins are prone to hairballs, so careful grooming is essential. There is also concern about feline infectious peritonitis. If you see symptoms of fever or loss of appetite, take your pet to the veterinarian.

scottish fold

scottish fold

A Scottish Fold with a round face, drooping ears, and a rounded body. She has a gentle, self-paced, spoiled personality.

how to keep

The Scottish Fold is an easy-to-own cat breed because of its low bark and low behavioral problems. It also does well in homes with children and other pets.

Basically, I spend a lot of time sleeping around, and the amount of exercise is less.

It is perfect for those who want to spend a lot of time with their beloved cat because it is a spoiled child and always wants to be with them.

important point

Lack of exercise can easily lead to obesity, so encourage them to move their bodies consciously, such as by inviting them to play.

Let’s brush frequently not only to keep the coat, but also to prevent hairball disease. Since it is a drooping ear, care such as gently wiping earwax and dirt is required.

Because they are prone to congenital bone diseases, it is good to use non-slip flooring or lay carpets. Be aware of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and kidney disease and get regular health checkups.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed of cat with a fluffy coat and a sturdy build. He is calm, kind, and patient.

how to keep

Norwegian Forest Cats are friendly and friendly to all. They are especially loyal and affectionate to their owners.

A lack of physical contact can lead to stress. Spend time together as much as possible.

Although it is a large cat, it is naughty and active. It is a good idea to secure a large space where they can move around freely and create an environment where they can play.

important point

The double-coated Norwegian Forest Cat is sensitive to heat. Please be careful of heatstroke by controlling the room temperature with an air conditioner.

The coat is thick and sheds a lot. Regular brushing and shampooing are essential to prevent hairballs.

Dense hair is easy to breed bacteria, and it is easy to get dermatitis. When grooming your dog’s coat, check the condition of their skin as well.

maine coon

maine coon

Maine Coons are gorgeous cats with long, fluffy coats. Also known as the Gentle Giant.

how to keep

Gentle and friendly, Maine Coons are intelligent and easy to train. Highly adaptable to the environment and cooperative.

They love to play and can get stressed if their hunting instincts aren’t met. Create an environment where they can play well indoors, use toys, and actively accompany them in play.

It’s a large cat, so prepare a litter box and goods that match its body size. Make sure your cat’s living space is large enough so that it doesn’t feel cramped.

important point

In order to prevent hairballs, it is good to make a habit of daily brushing.

The coat of Maine Coons, which come from cold regions, tends to retain heat, so care must be taken to prevent heatstroke. Let’s take care to manage the room temperature with an air conditioner so that you can stay cool.

It is susceptible to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, so please have regular check-ups and see a veterinarian if you see symptoms such as loss of appetite.

Breeding points for brown tabby cats

Keep the following things in mind when raising a brown tabby cat.

Watch out for obesity

Brown tabby cats tend to be gluttonous. He’s good at begging, so he often cries when he wants food. Owners may want to give their beloved cats treats and meals.

If you feed your cat every time it asks for it, it will overeat and lead to obesity. Since obesity can cause various diseases, measures such as dietary management and weight control are necessary.

Creating an environment for exercise

Brown tabby cats have a calm and gentle personality, but they love to exercise and are active.

Let’s make an environment where you can exercise naturally in your life so that you don’t lack exercise. Arrange your cat’s living space so that he can move his body enough indoors, such as by installing a cat tower and arranging furniture so that he can move up and down.

If the child does not want to move much, it is good to encourage the owner to exercise while playing with a toy.

don’t let stress build up

Brown tiger cats are more spoiled and lonely than other cats. A cat can rest assured that its owner is by their side. Try to spend as much time with your cat as possible.

Conversely, being alone for too long can be stressful. If you are often away from home, you may want to consider having multiple pets or living with other animals. He’s basically low-key, so he can get along with anyone.


There are types of brown cats such as pheasant tigers and brown tigers, which are characterized by striped patterns and warm colors. Because many brown tigers are male, brown cats are said to be large.

Basically, there are many children with a calm temperament, and many of them have a friendly and spoiled personality. Be careful not to give too much food, and control your diet and weight. Despite their easy-going personality, they are active and like exercise, so it is necessary to create an environment where they can exercise enough.

In addition, there is also a spoiled and lonely side, so it is important to actively communicate with the owner. If you tend to be away, consider bringing in another cat or pet.

There are individual differences in characteristics and personalities. Above all, being close to your cat’s feelings will be the key to building a good relationship.

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